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  • Mr Toy are you aware of The Boy who Cried Wolf?

  • Yes, I experienced a childhood on the planet Earth

My personal view is that YouTube’s strategy should be to foster great content, not cater to advertising executives. But I recognize that this strategy accomplishes both goals at once, so it’s not like I think it’s a bad strategy. I think YouTube could spend a little more time being cool before very intentionally and publicly going mainstream…but I’m a YouTube Hipster…what can I say.
If I’m angry about anything, it’s how shortsighted the advertising industry has been…making YouTube jump through a thousand hoops in order to get them to buy cheap ads when, really, YouTube has all the power. If ad agencies would like to stop reaching anyone under the age of 30…they’re welcome to keep marginalizing the most culturally important medium of the 21st century. Eventually they’d get fired and the problem would solve itself.

Part of a very insightful and interesting post by Hank Green. (via wilwheaton)

Like when a genius realised TV was an advertisers dream and made companies pay to promote their products rather than when the shows would have to pay to use products. 

Wedding Attire. 
Wedding A Tyre.
Know the difference. 

Wedding Attire. 

Wedding A Tyre.

Know the difference. 

my belief in my ability to write a television script has been greatly hampered by an inability to write dialogue

is penis size hereditary? mine was definitely influenced by my mother

does anybody know where i can purchase some highly potent marinara?

I’ve barely slept and I reckon I have food poisoning.

feet are just a collection of triangles

why do people wear proper shoes sans socks?

Community has never prided itself on romance - or on being one genre for more than one episode at a time - but the constant wasted opportunities and neglect for Jeff Winger and Annie Edison have tested those shippers’ last nerve. Given that Community would much rather keep teasing and reviving the much less popular Jeff/Britta pairing - complete with a half-hearted wedding proposal leading up to the possible series finale - it is quite alienating and baffling to a rather vocal part of an already small audience.

Community is a show that could have benefited quite a lot from a Jeff/Annie relationship, both creatively and commercially. Yet Dan Harmon’s missteps and downright cowardice on this front are the direct opposite of what Michael Schur and his writers keep accomplishing a half-hour later. It’s no wonder that Parks and Recreation is up to seven seasons and may get to craft a real ending in advance, while Community crosses its fingers again for its long, satirically promised sixth season - a.k.a. another chance to disappoint all its shippers.

Robert Dougherty, Parks and Recreation: The Safest Show Left for Shippers (via guiltiestofpleasures)

you hear that people, when you write episodes/scenarios where two characters show signs of romantic involvement, they HAVE to get together. Fuck your originality, do what’s expected of you, asshole. 

Dan I have nothing but love for you.

i’d find it so much easier to understand TV shows if they had FIFA like name bars.