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is this what having a penis is like 


If you’re lucky


5 years makes a lot of difference…

I know! You grew a conjoined twin

I’m going to start furthering my French learning, so I’m starting a Whatsapp group, message me if you’re interested

Open to any learners of French or even French-English speakers, of any abilities, just to talk and converse which each other in French and correct each other’s mistakes and help out etc



How I deal with my problems

How I deal with my problems

That was funnier in my head

Ben and Sam and college
  • Quad 7.59am Ben stares at the large clock in the tower with a can of beer in his hand and a case on the floor

  • Sam:

    what's up

  • Ben shakes his head, indicating Sam should shut up

  • Ben:

    I'm starting college the way everyone should, drunk.

  • The clock ticks over to 8 o'clock, Ben opens his beer and drinks it in one go

  • Ben:

    want one? Come on, just one. Fucking drink Sam.

  • Sam acquiesces and takes a drink.

  • Sam:

    what you got first?

  • Ben:

    Chem 101 in the Hawthorne, you?

  • Sam:

    Modern Pol (points to a red brick building in the distance)

  • Ben:

    That's Hawthorne

  • They drink some more, Sam gets a little tipsy.

  • Sam:

    we should stop we're not gonna be able to concentrate.

  • Ben:

    you're right, (he picks up the case and turns to leave)

  • Same:

    where're you going?

  • Ben:

    I start tomorrow

  • Sam:

    (trying to keep his eyes open) Bastard.

I had no problem with people protesting about Michael Brown’s death.

Because you should. Black men getting killed by cops is a problem.

But you cannot say Darren Wilson shot at Michael Brown because he was black, because you don’t know, you’re not Darren Wilson, you’re not in his head.

All these fundraisers etc weren’t started by him, they’re mostly used by racists who wouldn’t call themselves that.

Maybe in a couple of weeks or months Wilson’s character will suggest that what you all think occurred, did, if so my point will still stand. Don’t make assumptions then act on them it’s fucking dangerous.

If you’re going to wield pitchforks, make sure they’re aimed at the right people.