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I have half eyebrows on either side, they’re like perfect triangles and sometimes the hair in the rest of the brows disappear completely and I look really fucking weird without my glasses on.

Also, there’s only 9 days left in Ramadan. I checked and the latest possible time we’ll open our fast this year is 1:43am. Which is after 28 days of 1:19 openings.

Which to clarify is when the light of the sun touches the horizon before sunrise and not sunrise, which is a couple hours later. So the saying, “fasting sunrise to sunset” is wrong, because it’s fucking longer than that, bro


This is incredibly impressive,

Her dress is like hermione’s magic bag

And the judges faces throughout are hilarious

Bonus-Jet Li

Sometimes you just have to admit when there are no chances of something moving forward, regardless of how long you’ve spent on it.

Hopefully, it opens the doors for new endeavours by giving you more time to focus on something else.

Watching 56up getting depressed at the idea that it’s possible that people’s personalities may never change



Yessssss, mydrunkkitchen! #hartohangtime trended in the UK!


Why did McDonald’s pay to trend the Sherlock actor?



Yessssss, mydrunkkitchen! #hartohangtime trended in the UK!


Why did McDonald’s pay to trend the Sherlock actor?

Can’t wait for this to be fucking over

Fucking fuck!


is there anything worse than hearing your own recorded voice i think no

This is the part where I inform you that everyone hears you sound like that ALL THE TIME
so whats the deal with like clit vs vaginal orgasms? do women even get pleasure from penetration or is that just in porn?


the female orgasm can be extremely complicated, but with patience, can be attainable through rigorous practice. i’ll explain what i do to achieve orgasm, but keep in mind that every woman is different. 

i like to do it when i get out of the shower, when i’m clean and fresh. I light a few candles and put on some soft music. i usually place my toys in a little box under my nightstand. I usually use a 20ft long Ethernet cable and plug it into my bellybutton. i download all of the software and updates needed to upgrade my asshole and pussy. I then insert a 8” floppy disk directly into my sphincter (make sure to use lube, the bigger the floppy disk the more RAM in my clit = bigger orgasm). Meanwhile, I remove the Ethernet cable from my bellybutton and insert it into my asshole. And this is when i start feeling the gigabytes tickling my pink pulsing pussy. At this point, I remove my left eyeball and plug my iPod into the socket and download all of the top hits of the month. The orgasm then starts to build and build, and when it comes I spastically climax all over my bed and then i go to a coma and die.

So yes, women do get pleasure from penetration and clit/vaginal orgasms are real and most porn is not what RL sex is like thank you goodbye


"i wish i had a british accent"

ah yes, the british accentimage

the singular british accent

Hahaha imagine wanting a “British Accent” and then getting lumped with a Birmingham or Scouse one?

We’ve just started the middle third of Ramadhan and honestly it’s not been that bad. I was genuinely worried about the hunger pangs I may have felt and they’ve pretty much not happened. I’m floating around the 104.5kg mark, which I know is still too much but hopefully it’s a good starting point to get me under 100kg ever since I started watching my weight. Back to cycling and running for me. Maybe join a club. If there was a longer gap between ending a fast and starting the next one I could have maybe used that time to exercise and whatnot.